Why Your Child Should Be Part Of Best CBSE School in Gujarat?

RBK Global School | 11th January, 2016

Education knows no bounds and it can be acquired from anywhere. The scope of education is so widespread that schools of various boards are introduced. This actually works in the favor of students. When talking about education board, the one that has garnered a lot of attention is CBSE School. It is widespread in a number of states and cities in and around India. If you are a resident of Gujarat, you will be glad to know of some of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gujarat. Formed on May 1st, 1960, it has captured a lot of attention for the best educational infrastructure.

Parents surely want to provide the best education to their students. If you are too one among them, CBSE school in Gujarat is the right answer! Many of the parents often get confused with ICSE and CBSE board. You should know these are two different boards. Each of the school has different abilities, curriculum, and functionality and so on. Getting admission into a CBSE school is the dream of every parent. Once your child gets in, you know your child has a great future. Gujarat has a long list of best CBSE schools in the country.

Know The Benefits:

There are innumerable benefits associated when you enroll to one of the best school in Gujarat.

  • » One of the prime benefit associated being admitted to a CBSE school is it offers both Hindi as well as English instruction medium. Other than this, it also approves private as well as regular candidates.
  • » More emphasis is placed on Mathematics and Science subjects.
  • » It works in the favor of parents who keep transferring as every state has a CBSE school.

There are end number of reasons tells why parents should consider CBSE over other traditional boards. If you still need some reasons, mentioned are some:

  • » Unique teaching strategies – A CBSE School in Gujarat or in any other state understands students learn effectively when taught creatively. Taking this aspect into consideration teachers make use of creative and unique teaching ways that helps students to think out of the box.
  • » Beyond classroom learning – Books though being the major source of information and teaching, their creative minds are put to a test when beyond four walls of the classroom. RBK Global School in Navsari believes in this theory and offers students a number of opportunities to grow their knowledge base.
  • » Co-curricular activities – We believe the best minds work when involved in other activities. Considering this factor, it offers various co-curricular activities that work as a personality development tool. Apart from offering students the platform for social and entertainment, it also helps to enhance skills.
  • » Talented Faculty – When in CBSE School you know your children is nurtured and fostered under the care of talented and experienced faculty. To help teachers offer the best education, they need to attend workshops conducted both in India and abroad.

These are just some of the top reasons that tell you to consider CBSE School over others. If you do some research you will find CBSE tops the list of best schools in Gujarat. What can be better than having your child learn in one of the finest and top CBSE School in Gujarat?

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quotes Theme presentation was very good.All the children actively participated in the programme which increase their confidence level.   quotes
- Mrs. Ranjana ( parents of K-2)


quotes Very nice to see the children spoke perfectly ….. Lovely….. feeling proud on my daughter.   quotes
- Mrs. Dharmishtha ( Parents of Grade -4 students)


quotes The theme presentation was very good. I like so much.   quotes
- Mr. Sajid Shaikh( parents of Nursery students)

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