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V P Sharma | 9th October, 2015

Principal’s Desk

I want to be a good father... And I want to be a good mother… But not that-

I want my child to become a global citizen… has become the focus of parents in general. Consequently, the children are struggling for the right traits of emotional wellbeing, self–reliance and self–dependence. The point of concern here is, if this trend continues for a considerably longer span undoubtedly, these traits will become the second nature of the next generation adolescence.

A child grows under the ebbs and flows of virtual and non-virtual expectations of parents, peers and teachers. The natural proclivity of the child is but lost into the fragments of time slots- early wake-up, defined dress-up, morning coaching, schooling, meals on the way, evening classes, late night home works and so on.

“Parents think about the future of the child and the poor chap thinks about the nascent oxygen of their love and care”… For sure, the fine silk of relationship between the duo is but missing somewhere. The need to strike the right balance between psychological and intellectual designs is sought on urgent basis. We, the parents and teachers must realize and act to align with the righteous choice of the blooming brains.

It is evident all around that the adolescents, teenagers, and youth, in general, hesitate to express themselves eloquently and effectively even after their schooling and even Gradu-Tech Programmes perhaps because the bygone past was judgmental and the dawning future a free-will for them. The roots lay embedded affirm deep in the soft soil of good Parenting-Schooling-Matrix.

Parents, peers, teachers and others who all are interested in the heuristic growth and development of growing children, adolescents and cerotoninized youth ought to take a note of all time high competition, world class luxury obsession and ever impeding value orientation into budding minds.

The visionary parents, who have seen themselves successful, get involved with the child and help explore her mind to become responsible, to love herself and to live a meaningful life later. They create an environment to inspire the child to dream impossible dreams and to live them up with a positive attitude and life energy.

On the other hand paranoid parents who feel the fear of failure most of the times want the child to understand them and their sacrifices. They often warn the child that the world out there is worthless. I accept the fact that the intent behind may not be wrong but at times the action and the intension differ dramatically. One may boastingly advocate for being a visionary parent but the child may perceive him or her a paranoid. And this bearing resolution conceives both the penetrative gravity and the pseudo importance.

Dear well-wishers, throwing all gems into the turbulent sea of tomorrow or extracting all jewels from the shining rocks of today will for sure, lead towards an unforeseen, unimaginative and unguarded future for all mother-to-be generations. Since human aspirations and ideas, which change from place to place and the time to fire, decide the move of ideological paradigm to be practiced at that particular place, may be rural, semi-urban, urban, metro or mega-police.

Herbal gardening, bee keeping, bird feeding, sky watching, plantation, rain–harvesting and similar activities, just to quote, if incorporated during vacations with curricular or co-curricular or extra- curricular activities may seed the gray-matter to reap an embedded future. As every bird, every animal, every tree, every mountain, every cloud, every star and each tiny worm has some lesson for everyone: the child, the youth, the adult and the rest too.

Astonishingly, as a paining tooth unless bleeds, is routed, so we realize value of others away from our reach. We will never be able to return back the first 18 years used either way. They are human beings, thinkers, dreamers, explorers, artists, writers, engineers and need educational systems and family systems that support them to becoming beyond that too. Indeed, they need a little free-will and free-space to give a vent to their sprouting but simple thoughts to experience their self-reliance and resilience in their own dream-architecture of the cosmic existence.

We at RBK Global School believe and believe it firmly that our children are more than the robotic bookshelves and are for-

  • 1. Innovation, rather than Memorization,
  • 2. Creativity, rather than futile Activity,
  • 3. Rumination rather than Stagnation

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quotes Theme presentation was very good.All the children actively participated in the programme which increase their confidence level.   quotes
- Mrs. Ranjana ( parents of K-2)


quotes Very nice to see the children spoke perfectly ….. Lovely….. feeling proud on my daughter.   quotes
- Mrs. Dharmishtha ( Parents of Grade -4 students)


quotes The theme presentation was very good. I like so much.   quotes
- Mr. Sajid Shaikh( parents of Nursery students)

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