How to Make Learning Fun and Enjoyable for All Children

RBK Global School | 3rd May, 2017

So often our students express that they are not interested in learning, be it in a classroom or at home. Motivating children to learn, seems to be a difficult task to many parents. What’s the point in enrolling your child in one of the best schools in Gujarat, if he/she doesn’t take interest in learning? Remember: studying in the best school is important, but your child will do his/her best work only if he/she is motivated by the joy of learning.

To help you overcome this issue, we have listed down some simple ideas on how you can make learning fun and enjoyable for all your little ones:

Use Art and Craft

Apart from textbooks, ensure you count on other artistic sources for making learning fun. Newspaper articles, drawing, painting, sketches or a new handcraft can make even the dullest lessons into an interesting one. By having children create something that represents their interpretation of what they learned - you are making the learning process more fun and meaningful for them. Moreover, this activity gives your child a chance to embrace his artistic side.

Fun-Filled Activity

Fun-filled activities can be done everywhere from inside the school auditorium to outside at home. For example: For subjects like English and social studies you can have children conduct a role play, re-enact historical events, or have them participate in a debate. All these takes a little bit more of hard work; however, it’s an excellent way to make learning fun and enjoyable for children.

Go On Field Trips

The best way to engage children and make learning fun is to take them to field trips.

If children are learning about flowers and plants, take them to the local garden. If you are teaching children about animals, then take them on a field trip to your local zoo. If you are doing a project on stars and planets, then take a field trip to your local planetarium.

Field trips allow children to connect with what they are learning with the outside world. Moreover, the real visuals create an impact on the children’s thinking and creative power.

Assign Digital Projects

The younger generation is born in a digital age. They love gadgets and are very quick at using it. Take advantage of their desire to use technology and assign them some innovative projects.

Allow children to use computers and tablets to conduct research. Consider supplementing lectures and traditional readings with educational videos, podcasts, and plays. Or ask them to listen to informative videos, or help them create a mini website or a blog that interests them. All these activities will not only improve your kid’s tech skills but will also improve their performance in classroom sessions.

RBK Navsari is one such CBSE schools in Gujarat that offers innovative ways of teaching. By taking learning beyond the classroom they are offering dozens of opportunities to make learning concepts, real and relevant to students. They understand the pace of learning of each individual child and inspire them to do better in life. Moreover, they aim to help children to think creatively.

So if you really want to make learning and education a fun and an enjoyable process for your child, ensure you enrol them in one of the best CBSE schools in Gujarat – like RBK Navsari. You and your child will surely reap the benefits in future!

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quotes Theme presentation was very good.All the children actively participated in the programme which increase their confidence level.   quotes
- Mrs. Ranjana ( parents of K-2)


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- Mrs. Dharmishtha ( Parents of Grade -4 students)


quotes The theme presentation was very good. I like so much.   quotes
- Mr. Sajid Shaikh( parents of Nursery students)

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