Benefits of Considering School Bus for Safe Traveling

17th March, 2016

Travelling is one of the major concerns of every parent. Every parent tends to find a school that is near to the house and so on. Another aspect many parents tend to look for is easy transportation facility. This aspect is well taken care of by the RBK, CBSE School in Navsari. This reputable school understands the importance of safe traveling for the children and offer school bus facility. Not many understand the importance of the school bus. Many parents are of the view that it is a waste of money. However, if you want your child to reach to and from the house and school safely, then opting for the school bus is of paramount importance.

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Importance of Having Qualified Faculty in Schools

2nd March, 2016

Teachers are the backbone of every school. They are the ones who guide and enlighten the students with quality education. There is no denying qualified and educated teachers are the roots of the school, no matter whether primary or secondary school. Reputable RBK CBSE School in Navsari understands this aspect and ensures the faculty appointed is highly educated. It is only then the students get the right knowledge.

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quotes Theme presentation was very good.All the children actively participated in the programme which increase their confidence level.   quotes
- Mrs. Ranjana ( parents of K-2)


quotes Very nice to see the children spoke perfectly ….. Lovely….. feeling proud on my daughter.   quotes
- Mrs. Dharmishtha ( Parents of Grade -4 students)


quotes The theme presentation was very good. I like so much.   quotes
- Mr. Sajid Shaikh( parents of Nursery students)

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