Why Good Teacher Matters?

RBK Global School | 6th July, 2016

Many elements contribute to a child’s overall performance in life; this includes parents, friends, relatives and neighbourhood experiences as well. However studies suggest that, when it comes to school-related factors, it’s the teachers that matter the most.

Here are some amazing reasons why teachers matter:

Teachers inspire you: Inspiring students to set and achieve challenging goals is really an essential element in life. In school it is teachers who provide that first inspiration that becomes a lifelong enthusiasm. Students who get the right inspiration from their teachers are able to accomplish the greatest things in life, and most importantly they always stay positive no matter whatever is the situation.

Teachers encourage you: In school, students look to teachers as a source of positive reinforcement and support. When teachers encourage students for their good work and good conduct, they feel more valued and recognised in the classroom. This in all makes the child feel important and motivates him or her to do much better in future. The more the students feel heard and respected, the more they are encouraged to learn good things in life.

Teachers guide you: It’s very obvious that next to parents, children often look to their teachers as mentors with knowledge and experience. As an educator, teachers are most likely approached for advice at some point during your career. The main reason why teachers are known to have the ability to change the lives of students is because they guide the children by imparting the right information in them.

Teachers become role model: When you ask kids who their role models are, they're likely to name famous athletes or movie stars. But it's actually the teachers whom they see every day who influence the person they will become. Students indirectly follow teachers for their behaviour, the choice they make and the caring approach they display in life.

RBKGS - the best CBSE schools in Gujarat

The RBK GLOBAL SCHOOL is one such CBSE schools in Gujarat that incorporates effective learning and development with the help of efficient and knowledgeable teachers. The reason why RBKGS ranks among the top CBSE schools in Gujarat is that the institution uses innovative ways of teaching, which helps the students to think creatively. Moreover the teachers provide inspiration, guidance and the right knowledge, thus making sure the students achieve great success in future.

Why RBKGS has the best faculty?

RBKGS believes that teachers are the essential elements of the school, and needs to adapt and learn new things according to the 21st century. Therefore the school conducts various workshops in India and abroad for all teachers. This in all provides opportunities for teachers to share experiences and methodologies from a different angle and from different parts of the world.

We at RBKGS guarantee that your child gets the best of education, from the best teachers in the world!!

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quotes Theme presentation was very good.All the children actively participated in the programme which increase their confidence level.   quotes
- Mrs. Ranjana ( parents of K-2)


quotes Very nice to see the children spoke perfectly ….. Lovely….. feeling proud on my daughter.   quotes
- Mrs. Dharmishtha ( Parents of Grade -4 students)


quotes The theme presentation was very good. I like so much.   quotes
- Mr. Sajid Shaikh( parents of Nursery students)

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