Why Kids Need Recess

RBK Global School | 23rd February, 2017

Recess is not just a break for kids to eat and get outside, it’s more than that. Recess benefits every aspect of childhood development. It is not only a great way for kids to unwind, but it helps with their behaviour, focus, and discipline throughout the rest of the day.

More researchers and educators are noticing the importance of recess for kids and some top schools in Gujarat are beginning to take note and implement it. Top leading educators and many other secondary schools in Navsari have started realizing that physical education classes don’t offer the same benefits as recess because, while offering a physical outlet, they’re part of a structured curriculum taught in a controlled environment.

Recess in schools offer a lot on the table in terms of the child’s health, well being and academic success. Here are a few benefits of recess to mention:

Increases Focus:

School recess is an essential activity that improves focus and behaviour back in the classroom. In fosters clarity of mind and helps children pay attention in the class.

That free, unstructured playtime allows kids to exercise and have outlets that help them relax their mind and pep up for the next activity in the classroom.

Reduces Stress:

Recess is appropriate means to reduce stress in children. For many children, especially those who are hyperactive or potentially so, recess is an opportunity to blow off steam. Recess is a break from structure and expectations, where children have an opportunity to take control of their world, and live a life of their own, which they rarely get while they are in the class or at home.

Makes the Child More Active:

Studies found that kids who received more than 15-20 minutes of recess a day behaved better in class than those who only got lesser breaks. According to the researchers, recess allows their brain to stay active throughout the day.

Studies have even shown that children who are physically active in school are more likely to be physically active at home. Moreover, children who don’t have the opportunity to be active during the school day don’t usually compensate during after-school hours.

Improves Wellness:

Playtime increases the capacity of blood vessels (and possibly even their number), allowing for the delivery of oxygen, water, and glucose (“brain food”) to the brain. This optimizes the brain’s performance! When children get a chance to spend time in the playground, the outside light triggers the synthesis of vitamin D and improves the immune system. It makes the kid feel better and indirectly increases academic learning and productivity.

Develops Social Skills

Recess is the only time during the day when children get the opportunity to experience socialization and real communication. Playing games with other children helps children with conflict resolution. It fosters positive relationship, feelings of safety and even less bullying. Moreover, it also improves the overall school climate.

Whether you wish to enrol your child in one of the top schools in Gujarat or anywhere else in another city, ensure the school you choose provides a balanced atmosphere for learning and development. School is a place, where students that offers youth a solid foundation in life. Hence, make sure you pick a school that’s supports sound education, good values along with physical and mental wellbeing of your child.

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